☓.com (EST. 2005) aka CruxDecussata.com
☓.com’s unicode/punycode is xn--33h.com.
“☓” aka #Saltire, is also called #SaintAndrewsCross or #CruxDecussata


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About ☓.com

The founder of CruxDecussata, known only as 'The Dev' or 'CP33', is an anonymous persona. The Dev bought the domain URL of xn--33h.com from Herbert Sim in 11 July 2023, and launched the project on 1 August 2023.

Herbert is a notable crypto influencer since 2010, his origins started from his activism in the Cypherpunk movement, where he was among the world's first few promoting the 'Cypherpunk Manifesto'. The Cypherpunk Manifesto was written by Eric Hughes in 1993, championing Privacy and Decentralisation. And 15 years later, the Bitcoin Whitepaper was birthed in 2008.

The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto is a Cypherpunk. Even the owner of English Alphabet X.com, is a cypherpunk. Traces of the website url's email was found on the Cypherpunk's mailing list.

The Dev stealthily launched the CruxDecussata project on Ethereum with the domain of xn--33h redirected to its main site. On 4 August 2023, the Dev then left a message on Etherscan saying that 66.6% of the sales proceeds will go to the stakeholders of the project.

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